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MG TF - live life on a curve


MG TF is all about capturing that elusive magic intimacy with the road. A free-spirited car, individual and distinctive. It sums up your attitude to life.

MG TF is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive two-seater. Pure in design and intent, it offers free-revving engines with up to 160Ps, precision handling and real ride quality. Put the top down; whoop, holler and revel in the feeling of freedom. The serious fun starts here...

TF 160 - this is as good as it gets

TF 160 - this is as good as it gets
The top of the range MG TF 160 has a variable valve controlled lightweight 1.8 litre engine; a race proven unit that propels you from 0-60 in under 6.9 seconds and to a top-speed of 137mph - if the opportunity legally arises.

MG TF 160 features    
Stepspeed - control at your fingertips Stepspeed - control at your fingertips
A revolutionary transmission that gives new options in gear changing. Just flex your fingers and the steering wheel controls trigger slick six-speed clutchless upshifts and downchanges - just like in Formula 1. Partnered with a 120Ps 1.8 litre engine.
MG TF 120 Stepspeed features      
New interior

New interior
There's a range of four stylish interiors and colourways chosen to suit your sense of style behind the wheel of a great British sports car. Does a Grenadine interior with technical black finishers sound good? Wait 'til you see how it looks...

trim options      
New glass rear windscreen

New glass rear windscreen
The MG TF sports a heated glass rear window that gives you a much clearer picture of things in all weathers. Very useful when you're in reverse and so good to see others fading away behind...

soft top colours      

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