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MG ZS - hug it tighter

ZS is MG through and through - combining authoritative good looks with an outstanding driving experience. MG ZS delivers smooth impressive power - it hugs the bends while it hugs you. The look is right too. MG ZS is bold and confident.

In MG ZS, the relationship between car and driver borders on the intimate. MG ZS features a quick ratio steering rack to ensure driver actions are immediately reflected in the responses of the car. A mere flick of the steering wheel is sufficient. Chassis, suspension and steering deliver a feeling of active control. 

MG ZS range      
Exterior Exterior
MG ZS is a real head turner. Design highlights focus on the new front bumper, front grille and headlamps. The integrated front-lip spoiler ups the ante on the sporty side. But don't let the good looks distract you from their real purpose; delivering improved aerodynamics, keeping you in closer touch with the road.  
paint colours      
MG ZS 180 MG ZS 180
The top of the range MG ZS 180's 2.5 litre KV6 engine features a lightweight all-alloy construction. With 177Ps, and a 24-valve head this is an engine that loves to be worked hard. A tuned sports exhaust ensures it sounds great too.

The MG ZS 180's new body kit - optional on other models in the range - features sporting sill and wheel arch extensions plus the ultra-distinctive 'shark's gills' vents set into the front wings. The MG ZS 180 also sits on meaty 17" alloys.
MG ZS 180      

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