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MG ZT - arrive sharper

The MG ZT seamlessly combines sophistication with the kind of unadulterated pleasure that is drawn directly from MG's racing and engineering heritage. You don't park an MG, you simply allow it to rest until next time. You see, for the driver, this enjoyment, power and affordability makes MG a choice from the heart just as much as the head.
Handling Handling
MG ZT has been created by integrating exceptional engines with an extraordinary chassis and suspension system to deliver a car of outstanding dynamic ability.

Feed an MG ZT through a tightening radius and the combination of balance and grip will demonstrate that ZT can be both a rewarding cruiser and a sporting thoroughbred.
MG ZT range      
Exterior Exterior
The new MG ZT makes a statement telling you that the word 'subtle' isn`t in its vocabulary. The word 'muscular' definitely is though. As are 'larger than life', 'imposing', 'extrovert', 'breathtaking' and 'motorsport-inspired'.

Everything from the sleek bumpers to the alloy wheels, imposing mesh grille and distinctive headlamps display a bold and confident stance that perfectly matches the driving experience.
paint colours      
MG ZT 260 MG ZT 260
The impressive 4.6 litre V8 engine in the MG ZT 260 delivers a uniquely mature, muscular interpretation of true high performance. You'll love the fact you're a mind-blowing 6.2 seconds away from reaching 60mph from rest, with a top speed of an awesome (electronically limited) 155mph. 'Wow' is the only word.
MG ZT 260      

Hands Free In Car Telephone Kits
It was never a good idea to drive with one hand and use your mobile phone with the other. But soon, the penalties for doing so will increase significantly. Heavier fines and penalty points on the driver's licence are the likely outcome of present proposals before Parliament.

Mindful of this - and of safety - MG ZT now comes pre-wired for the easy integration of a range of optional Pama hands-free telephone kits, bespoke to MG and which work with about 90% of the handsets currently in use. Fitting is quick and easy - and your MG Dealer will advise on costs and suitable options.

MG ZT Range    

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